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The Collier Family

The Collier Family

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**Important Disclaimer for those Visiting** Due to the nature of this disease, Kaleo’s immunity is low and will be sensitive for the remainder of his treatment and beyond. If you are sick, please wait until you are fully well to make a visit. And once you arrive, please sanatize your hands before entering or touching anything in his vicinity or home. Thank you! Meet the Collier family. A beautiful family that started their journey as mom & dad but a short 3 years ago, and already are faced with the absolute nightmare no parent ever wants for their child, cancer. Tiara (mom), Andrew (dad), and Kaleo (son 3) are now beginning this terrifying battle. After 4 weeks of unexplained constant fever, on Thanksgiving 11/22/18, Kaleo was rushed, yet again, to the ER, but this time he was diagnosed with cancer. At first it was thought to be a Wilms tumor (kidney cancer that may have only required surgery to resolve), to which he was re-diagnosed and confirmed the more complicated Neuroblastoma (a cancer requiring chemo therapy first, then surgery, recovery, and more chemo, and so on). He is stage 4 high risk, with the cancer having spread to his bone marrow and metastasized. To battle this, Kaleo will need 6 rounds of chemotherapy (5 days chemo/21days immunity rebuilding) then hopefully the tumor will have detached from surrounding blood vessels so he can undergo surgery, followed by more chemotherapy to target the up to 5% of the tumor projected to be left behind. This is going to be a long dark journey and we want to ensure that having hot meals isn’t something this awesome family has to worry about. With an already daunting financial burden ahead, paying for hospital cafeteria food (which isn’t cheap) adds up very quick and gets very expensive. Along with the normal bills, & a mortgage, now add medical expenses, daily parking (which is not free for patients), both parents missing work, etc., having to pay for meals at the hospital just adds one more stress on an already HUGE list for this family. This seemingly small gesture is actually very much appreciated. We sometimes forget to think of the small details when it comes to family and friends in a life changing event. Providing a meal really does help more than you’d think! If you are unable to bring a homemade or take out meal in person, we may be able to arrange a family member to pick up and deliver. Whether you’re too far, its simply easier, or if you don’t see an available date that works for you, please use the link for food gift cards. It will lead you to Amazon where you have many options of fast food or restaurants to send to Tiara using her email as the recipient: **(I will be adding suggestions of places in their preference list so its easier to decide a gift card to get them. Please click on the “view contact info, address, delivery, etc” button to see their likes and dislikes) As of 8/12/19: The Collier family will be outpatient at MD Andersons Proton Center for 2.5 weeks straight, and will not be there long enough for visits or food deliveries. Although, due to this daily travel, Magnolia to Houston, it will eat up a lot of their day, and a prepared meal would be greatly appreciated so they can have breaks here or there and just focus on continuing to enjoy Kaleo thru this terrible journey. So arrangements may be made to drop off meals & visit them at home if you contact us! And as always, gift cards are always appreciated & convenient for them to use at their leisure, especially with their schedule so unpredictable and scattered. Lets rally together to provide some mealtime relief for the Collier family, so they can solely focus on their sweet baby boy ♥️ #KALEOSTRONG #FIGHTCANCER #NEUROBLASTOMA If you’d like to provide a donation to their gofundme, here’s the link: For #Kaleostrong TSHIRTS visit: Adult sizes: Child sizes: Visit his website for updates Also visit Kaleostrong on Facebook

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