Meal Train for

Father Maxy D'Costa, Pastor of St. John the Apostle Catholic Church, Oregon City, Oregon

About this Meal Train

Fr. Maxy has mentioned several times how humbled he feels that parishioners our so generous in providing these meals. Read below and if you are able to help, it is greatly appreciated. Blessings to all! “Feed our Pastor” Ministry This ministry was a result of discussions during the Bible Study of Joshua, where the Israelites were instructed by God to feed and take care of the needs of the priestly tribe of Levi who God had chosen to minister to his people. The plan is to provide a meal every Thursday, delivered to the Parish office between 12noon and 4:30pm. You can deliver the meal in reusable or disposable containers, both are fine. If you bring reusable containers, they will be available for pick-up the following Monday. It would be nice if those making a meal for Fr. Maxy would pray as they are preparing the meal, asking that he be nourished by it, that he be protected and strengthened in his priesthood and that he know the joy and love of Christ and His Church. The scheduling is handled with an online program called Meal Train where you can sign-up for the Thursday of your choice over the next year, see a list of some of Fr. Maxy’s favorite types of food and any food allergies. There is a flyer attached with more information. If you do not use the computer, you can call us and we will give you the information and enter the week you select - our numbers are Kathy 503-349-4181 and Tom 503 349-4351 We do ask if you sign-up for a week and find you cannot do it that week that you find a replacement to insure Father receives a meal every week and to keep this simple to manage. Thank you, Tom & Kathy Call


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