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The Miller Family

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We are so excited to welcome the Miller’s Baby girl! In addition, we want to love on the Millers and bring them a meal. Please keep in mind that it is courtesy not to stay longer than 10-15 minutes at the most to be respectful of their time as they will be exhausted and also just wanting to spend time together as a new family of 5 ❤️ Thank you so much for all your love and support! Their favorite Gift Card is Door Dash and if you want to get them one, make sure you’re careful to click the “Restaurant/Grocery” button (and not the GrubHub one) and search for Door Dash :) We are so thrilled for our friends! They are about to be a family of 5!! They don’t know too many people here in Idaho yet so it would be such a blessing to shower them with meals or doordash gift cards! Whether you’re local or know them from California, let’s bless them and their sweet baby Girl!!”


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