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Monday & Tuesdays: Auburn University club students individually package meals dropped off and bring them to our Student-Moms and Tiny Tigers. A couple less meals our mamas need to worry about. Wednesdays: Community Dinners. All Student-Moms gather together with their babies to learn more from a professional in the community, learn a new craft or simply hang out together. Thursdays: House Dinners. Baby Steps Resident Student-Moms, the Live-in Support and Student Resident Assistant share a meal together and discuss house related topics. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ DROP OFF INFORMATION: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ PLACE: 414 North College Street Apartment 6- Auburn This is where our office is located. If you continue down the driveway, you will see our office on the bottom floor of the 2 story building. HOW: Please let yourself in and place items needing to stay cool in the refrigerator and everything else on the kitchen counter :) WHO: We typically have 6-8 Student-Moms and their Tiny Tigers to feed each night! Text (270) 231-3166 or email for any questions! ***PEANUT AND SHELLFISH ALLERGY & GLUTEN SENSITIVITY***

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