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Dear friends, since so many of you have asked about how Chris and the family are coping, we thought it would be helpful to provide updates. We also hope the updates will take the burden off Lucy in responding individually since she is so overwhelmed. On December 12th Chris experienced a seizure and was admitted to the emergency room at Northern Westchester Hospital. There they discovered he had severe damage to his liver. He was transported to Westchester Medical Center and spent two weeks in the hospital. The liver damage also caused damage to the brain. The damage to the brain affects his short -term memory, and can’t form new memories. It was determined he would need neurological rehabilitation. He has since been moved to a rehab facility in White Plains, NY. The family is not happy with the level of care he is receiving in this facility and is looking for another suitable option. Chris is responding well to the liver treatment but on the neurological side since he can’t create new memories communicating with him is difficult. He is not in any pain and is comfortable. There is a meal train set up where you can send meals to the family is you choose as well as a “go fund me” to help with the medical costs. The outpouring of love and support from family, friends and the community has helped tremendously, Lucy is so grateful. We ask for your continued prayers, we need a miracle.

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