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We lost our son, Miles, on August 21, when he was confirmed to be brain dead due to severe brain trauma from a car accident. He was my miracle and gift, naturally conceived after years of (successful) IVF, the youngest of my 4. I adore all of my kids, but he was one of the great lights of my life. He and I hugged, a real, tight, all-in hug and told him I loved him SO much every single day we were together. Probably weekly I told him I was so grateful for the gift of getting him. I spoiled him - taking him on Pokémon drives to find certain creatures that had been spotted in Pokémon go. We had a special seat on the couch where we sat cuddled together to watch TV at night. I loved his engineer brain, his generous, loving heart and his childlike soul, even though he was 13 now. We donated his organs. His science brain would have been interested and intrigued. His kind heart would rejoice at the opportunity to help others, and his recycling wish and drive to improve the world for everyone would love that we reused what we could. We were still reeling from the loss of Miles when Phil was diagnosed with a vocal cord cancer. He had radiation in January and February. At first all looked good, but in May, his voice worsened and we were told there was an abnormality on the cord again. Biopsies confirmed recurrent cancer. Surgery is scheduled for June 10th to remove his vocal cords. As we navigate the new challenges of Phil's life changing surgery, we are again so grateful for all of the love from our community.

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