Bend Emergency Shelter Operated by Shepherd's House

Meal Train® for Bend Emergency Shelter Operated by Shepherd's House


Bend Emergency Shelter Operated by Shepherd's House


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Allergies or Restrictions

Guests may have dental issues, so meals made with softer foods are preferable.

Food For

90 Adults

Drop-Off Time

5:30PM - 5:45PM for dinner; 6:15AM - 6:30AM for breakfast or lunch bags

Special Instructions

Thank you to you and/or your team for providing a hot meal for our guests! Please read all instructions carefully and let me know if you have any questions. ~ Dart 541.977.4213 When you arrive: Please wear a facemask and check in at the front desk. Our team will assist you further. You are welcome to provide cutlery, napkins and paper plates with your meal. Beverages are not required, but bottled water is always appreciated. Please note: We do not have an oven at the shelter. We ask that all dinners be delivered hot and ready to serve. Please use disposable serving containers and utensils. Breakfasts or lunches should be easy to hand out to guests as they leave for the day. Thank you for your understanding. BY SIGNING UP FOR THE MEAL TRAIN YOU AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING GUIDELINES: As with any food preparations, during the COVID pandemic it is imperative that extra care is taken while preparing meals. Please sanitize hands and work areas appropriately to ensure there is no spread of any harmful bacteria or viruses. If within 2 days of preparing the meal you are experiencing any of the COVID symptoms, (a fever of 100.4 or higher, shortness of breath, a dry chest cough, or unusual change in taste or smell,) please contact Ryan Olufson immediately (951.318.1704 - so other arrangements can be made. Volunteers may prepare foods at home under the following conditions: Raw ingredients must be from an approved source that has been licensed and inspected, except for whole uncut fresh fruit and vegetables. Meat products must come from USDA inspected facilities. The following foods may not be provided: home-canned or home vacuum- packed foods, wild mushrooms, wild game, shellfish, sport-caught fish, raw milk, raw animal foods, eggs or meat products from non-commercial sources, unpasteurized juices, and water and ice from unapproved water systems. In your home kitchen: * All ingredients must be from approved sources. 
 * Do not prepare or serve food when you or your family is sick. 
 * Keep pets outside of the kitchen and food storage areas. 
 * Hand washing removes germs that cause illness – wash your hands with soap 
and warm water for about 20 seconds. Use paper towels (not cloth towels) to 
dry hands. 
 * Wash hands between tasks and whenever hands are contaminated, 
especially after using the restroom. 
 * Use utensils whenever possible and limit hand contact with food. 
 * Avoid advanced preparation of foods. Minimize reheating and cooling by 
simplifying recipes and cooking food the day you plan to serve it. 
 * To prevent bacteria growth, keep hot foods hot (135 degrees F or above) and cold 
foods cold (41 degrees F or below) at all times, including transporting food to the 
 * Limit the time that food is out of temperature control (refrigerator or stove). 
Keep food temperatures at 135 degrees F or above or 41 degrees F or below. 
 * After perishable food is prepared and removed from its heat or refrigeration 
source, it has a 4-hour time limit before bacteria grows enough to make 
people sick. Discard perishable foods that exceed the 4-hour time limit. 
 * Fully cook animal products: fish, pork and lamb to 145 degrees F; eggs, beef and 
ground meats to 155 degrees F; and poultry to 165 degrees F. 
 * Use a probe food thermometer (range of 0-212 degrees F) to check food 

 Thank you for your help in keeping everyone as safe as possible!

Meal Drop-Off Location

Bend, OR

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