Meal Train Plus for

The Bennett Family

About this Meal Train Plus

We are currently in California for Micah's third open heart surgery on July 13th. Please visit our blog for current updates: Micah is a wonderfully happy 2 year old boy. He needs a third open heart surgery to reconstruct the blood flow from his pulmonary artery to his left lung. We are hopeful that after his surgery, he will no longer need oxygen support and will not require an open heart surgery for years to come. We are from Virginia and are so grateful to be staying in the Ronald McDonald House, which is less than a mile to the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital in Stanford, CA. We are additionally grateful for any additional meals or help you may wish to give us, but ultimately - prayers work the best! ... John 6:35 for our Catholic friends :) Please sign up below and if you're out of state, we are happy with a local delivery! Also, you can drop off food anytime after 9 PM. The RMH will put food in a fridge if we happen to not be there. Update: We are totally overwhelmed by the amount of donations! That wasn't even our intention at all, but we are so thankful. :) We will find a good use for the money, like either for meals, returning plane trips, or payment for the RMH.


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