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Pat Vaughan

Pat Vaughan

About this Meal Train

Pat is going in to Jefferson General Hospital for a knee replacement on Tuesday Jan 8th. She expects to be in the hospital for 3 nights, coming home on Friday the 11th. She is expecting that she will be mostly non-ambulatory the first week, and to have limited mobility the second week (After that we will all assume that she will be able to do cartwheels!). To coordinate volunteer dinner delivery while she is unable to stand/move, we are using the MealTrain website. To sign up for a dinner or two, just click on a date below. We suggest that you make the portions generous, so that she will have leftovers for the next day's lunch. (She is on her own for breakfast... Or you could throw in a muffin with the dinner!) She would prefer delivery between 5:00 and 6:00pm, but, as she said, she is going to be sitting at home all day, so anytime is ok, just call her to make sure she is not asleep or at a Dr appt. Her meal preferences/likes are listed under the yellow button: Review All Instructions Thank you to all for helping Pat! We look forward to seeing her up and about and back to Rotary soon...

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