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Friends and Family of Leon, Kara, Jayden and Jared Boon-- thank you for joining us on this journey. The first week of April has been very difficult for the family as Leon was diagnosed with Small Cell Lung Cancer as well as cancer in his spine, pelvis and wrist. Leon has been healthy and feeling well until the last couple of weeks, so this diagnosis has come as a great shock to the family. Leon had a light pain in his wrist beginning in October which felt like a simple tendonitis. Leon was busy working and doing projects at home, so the pain did not seem abnormal. In March the pain in his wrist increased significantly. During the last week of March, Leon also began to have pain in his back. At this point Kara and Leon began seeing several doctors and initially it was thought that he had wrist joint inflammation that would require surgery. Very quickly his back pain became severe and within a few days Leon began having tingling and numbness in his legs as well as difficulty walking. On April 2nd, Leon was admitted to the hospital for testing, on April 3rd he had surgery to remove 2 tumors on his spine. On April 5th the family received the official diagnosis that Leon has a very aggressive form of cancer that has spread throughout his body. This time has been exhausting and devasting for the Boons. We want this web page to be a space where we can gather for information and updates as well as to create a sign-up calendar where loved ones can volunteer to help the Boon family in different ways. Please keep their family in your thoughts and prayers as they move forward on this difficult journey.


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