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During our winter family vacation to the holy city of Rome I starting having uneasy abdominal pains. I credit God’s intervention to my self awareness of my many religious experiences while visiting this most holy place. With several months of battling abdominal pains I conceded that I cannot wish or pray this pain away. May 15, 2020 results from a CT scan revealed evidence of stage 4 pancreatic cancer. May 26 an access port was implanted and June 1 I started my first Chemo therapy infusion. I’m young and healthy in every other aspect of my life. I’m heading into the battle of my life. I have given my worries and pain to God. He has given me all of a you and allowed me to throw down my gloves to fight whatever comes my way. I’m overwhelmed with all those who have reached out in so many ways to fill my heart with love and compassion. Now I don’t have any room left for the nasty thoughts of gloom to enter. Since loves grows I will always receive that power Of prayer. Love you all. Liz 💕

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