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The Beachene Family is an extraordinary family ! At a time when most people are looking forward to having an empty nest and pursuing some of their own dreams, Don and Michelle, believed in their hearts God was calling them to adopt 4 (yes, 4!) children who were in need of an amazing Mom and Dad to love them! Together with their blended families, they have a total of 9 (yes, 9 children!) Don is a Warren City Firefighter and Michelle operates two successful spas (both launched while being a Mom to her 9!) She is indeed a wonder woman! On Monday, November 9th Don was diagnosed with COPD (even though he has never smoked), pneumonia, and COVID-19. Despite the fact that it seemed he was recovering, four days later Michelle found him unresponsive. He was rushed to the hospital via ambulance, where upon arrival he was not breathing. Currently, Don is in ICU, sedated on a ventilator to give his lungs time to rest. His condition has been classified as critical. At home, their older children are rocking it for them. Taking care of the younger children, will be homeschooling them, and loving on them to reassure them their Mom and Dad will both be home soon. I am calling on each and every one of you to show them just how much they are loved, supported, and help with meeting the physical needs via a meal, a donation, or by whatever means you choose! If you have any questions, please feel free to call or text me (Jennifer) at 330.219.9819. I will leave an excerpt from Michelle's Facebook update today, which really shares her heart and the heart of their family: KEEP PRAYING!! From Michelle Marie He runs into burning buildings to save other people without even thinking twice about it. He loves his job. He has integrity, he is loyal, and he is always there for all of us. He is the best provider, the biggest encourager and supporter, he’s a dad who teaches and loves. He shows love through helping people, showing up for them, and doing what needs to be done. He is the hardest worker I have ever known. Don and I have been together for 11 years. We are an amazing team. He’s my adventure partner! I have never in my life felt as supported and loved as I have by him. He’s the most dependable person I know. He balances and grounds me when I need it. Although we have two very distinct love languages I have NEVER questioned his love for me. We work amazing together. He makes time for me always and puts me first in everything. He has never missed a night of running a bath for me. He has never missed a snow of scraping my windows or starting my car for me... He has rarely missed a day of pumping my gas. When I feel overwhelmed, he takes over. When I feel scared he reassures me. We rarely fight (unless you count arguing over a project that we are working on). And it’s a funny argument and we know before the project starts that it will happen. He’s a focused and task oriented person and me - the tree spirit who gets bored easily. I like to start a project and do three other projects at the same time. He spends more time washing out my paint brushes and redoing things I have changed my mind on than the actual project takes. Our other argument - what do you want for dinner.? Sometimes that conversation could last for over an hour. My response when we don’t have a planned meal is always I don’t care , what do you want. Followed by him naming twenty places to all of which I say ewwww, or I’m not in the mood for that. Then followed by his saying well what do YOU want then back to me saying it’s up to him. This conversation has lasted so long at times that once the decision was made .... everything is now closed and we are now eating beef jerky and chips and dip from Circle K. This has been the best decade of both our lives. We have traveled to California twice, Arizona, Tennessee, Arkansas, North Carolina, Florida many many times, Virginia, Maryland, NYC many times, and other states in between. We have had SO many adventures in our glamper camper. We were on Good Morning America together. Relationships were mended, kids were adopted, a business was started, we added a pool,and a camper that would take us on many adventures. We were in the planning phase of what retirement was going to look like and we had a revised plan that now involved four littles but it was a plan, an exciting plan. We had goals and dreams and even more projects. Our son London (11) who has been through a lot. Who has dealt with insecurity and uncertainty in his life said yesterday..... he’s the only dad who I ever felt loved by. That broke my heart. Brooklyn (10) breaking down crying several times saying how much she misses her daddy. Sometimes there are things she just doesn’t get with her challenges but this ..... she gets and she’s sad and scared. Seeing our youngest, the baby, who is now an almost five year old baby and spoiled rotten with her dad wrapped around her finger... but seeing her climb up in our bed and asking to sleep where daddy sleeps. To my 21 year old who although not biologically his ...she has only known a dad figure in Don who adopted her too . Seeing her fears and sadness. It’s hard. To my oldest daughter saying she hopes she never has to get that phone call from Don about me and how she couldn’t handle that. A week ago he was fine. He was going to work for his 24 hour shift, texting me a million times like always checking in on us .... oh and sending me heart emojis and gifs (that I secretly hated) but would give anything for one of those right now. When I was 27, I found my dad dead of a massive heart attack in his bed. I tried to save him. He didn’t make it. Yesterday, I found my husband and best friend in bed unresponsive. The fear and flashbacks all came back. I was reliving that exact day all over again. I want to have faith but I know what I saw and I’m scared. I heard the numbers ... 30 oxygen and not sure how long it was that low. I saw him lying there completely unresponsive. I know he’s on a ventilator and he’s weak and very critical. I know I can’t be there for him..... we are better together . I can’t hold his hand. I can’t save him like he has saved others and all of us. I feel helpless. I hate waiting. I want to be there but I can’t be because of the strict rules of COVID. Last night, I checked in with his nurse who is amazing. All I know is her first name is Jen. She has listened to me cry and ask questions and has gone beyond her extremely busy job to be there for me. She is my only link to him right now other than God. Jen put the phone to his ear and the kids and I were able to tell him how much we love and miss him. He opened his eyes and blinked . I heard her calmly saying I’m your nurse, you are in the hospital and your family is telling you they love you. Your wife misses you and loves you. You are ok. That moment gave me hope. A blink gave me hope. So many people have reached out to us! Don would be blown away because he always joked and said “I only know these people because of you”. LOL! Not true. His fire brothers have been there for us in every way. Our friends and family have sent messages, texts, and calls. Strangers are praying for him..... so many people are praying for him right now and I can’t thank you enough. I remember one night .... I was praying for something and after Don said..... you prayed for that last night right? You asked and HE will answer. Why are you stressing about it again today. He made faith seem so easy and simple. We are so thankful for your prayers! We feel them ! We do and i know he does too. Please continue to pray. We need him! All of us do! His older sons are on their way home from Memphis right now. Please pray for their travel safety as Dan and Toni try to get Dustin home from Memphis. Last night while talking to Dustin I said I know you see this every day because they are in the same line of work as their dad, and I asked... how are you holding up, and he said it’s different when it’s your dad. I know this can’t be easy for them either. They are EMTs and firemen and they are trained to save people but right now there’s nothing we can do except pray and wait. And be there for each other. The nurse said they are giving his lungs a rest. They were both full of infection. His fever is down. He’s on a ventilator and sedated. The doctor said to keep praying and be hopeful. That’s all I can do. He blinked and opened his eyes when he heard our voices. I’ll hold on to that. I joked with Brittany, David and Maddy last night that the only reason he blinked was because I told him if he didn’t hurry up and come home I was going to finish putting the tile down in the bathroom floor without him. Lolol! People say Covid is no big deal. They say it’s like the flu. Maybe it is maybe it isn’t, I’m not debating. But one thing I do know is that I have never seen my husband this sick, and my husband has never been unresponsive because of the flu. He has never had to be on a ventilator because of the flu.He has never had to fight for his life because of the flu. It is a real thing, it’s a serious thing, it’s a scary thing, it’s taken my husband away from us and I pray it’s only temporary! Love you all! Michelle


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