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About this Meal Train

Jenney Bitner, was diagnosed with brain cancer several months ago, and she was able to have surgery to remove part of the tumor. However, she was unable to continue with other cancer treatments, due to being pregnant. Yesterday, Jenney had a c-section, and baby Marcus is doing well! He's pretty small at 3lbs and 12oz, but thriving in the NICU. Jenney, on the other hand, is struggling at the moment. Her brain tumor is now being very aggressive and Jenney is having memory difficulties. Jenney's mother is at home with Jenney's 3 other children, while Jenney and her husband, Jerad, remain in the hospital. We know that with COVID-19, most families are already stressed and many are experiencing financial challenges. If your able to support with a meal I know the Bitners would be very appreciative. If you would like to purchase a gift card for Jennifer's Family for meals and/or supplies Jennifer or her family might need please email those to Jerad (Jennifer's husband) at

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