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Team Officer Edison - Update

Posted 06/09/2017 by Sarah Pearce

From Nikki: "This little guy had a pretty good day. He finished his first dose of chemo and now gets to take a 2 week break! He did get sick quite a bit today so we are working to find the right cocktail to take care of that. He will spend the day hydrating tomorrow and may even get to go home!!" Keep the prayers coming, all!! We have some VERY EXCITING news on the horizon about an upcoming benefit - stay tuned for more information :)


Updates from Nikki

Posted 06/08/2017 by Sarah Pearce

Here are the updates that have been shared by Nikki thus far - Newest to Oldest: 6/8/17: Edison's Lymph node biopsy came back negative!! 6/8/17: Edison is being given benadryl, zofran and adavan to combat the side effects of the chemo therapy treatments. 6/7/17: Edi will start his first round of chemo around 10 am today. They will be giving him Doxorubicin, which will take about 15 minutes, and then Cisplatin, which will take about 4 hours. So far he has been doing great! Surgery didn't slow him down at all. 6/6/17: Edison had his port put in for chemotherapy treatments, as well as an MRI done on a lymph node that came up during the PET scan. He and mom are now getting settled at the castle!


Day 1 Chemo

Posted 06/06/2017 by Sarah Pearce

Today, June 6th, Edison is having his port placed for chemo treatments. While sedated, he will also undergo an additional MRI. Edison is scheduled to begin his first chemo treatment yet today, also. Nikki has said that they plan to be in the hospital for 3 to 4 days. I will provide updates as I receive them. Thank you for all of your love and support for Nikki, Edison and Ireland.