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Ethan has been looking forward to his senior year, mostly so he and his buddies could goof off together on the soccer field or at the track. After cross country season Ethan started having pain in his left leg after he would run. His mom noticed a small knot on his knee and they decided to go get it checked out. The first time they saw a doctor, it was believed to be a swelling of a tendon that they would watch, expecting it to resolve on its own. After an intense leg workout, however, the pain at that site was unbearable. Several doctor visits in a very short time revealed it was osteosarcoma, a bone cancer. Ethan began treatments at Arkansas Children's Hospital (ACH) on Thursday, January 11, 2018. A bone scan revealed only one small lesion on his fibula - because there's only one lesion, it's small, it's on a small bone, and his blood counts at the time of the scan were good, Drs Stine and Nicholas expect a full recovery! Ethan's treatment plan will involve several months of 3-4 day stays at ACH, so there will be lots of trips back and forth from home. They're going to want to concentrate on other things than planning meals, so here's where you can help. Check out the calendar for dates they expect to be eating at home. As the chemo treatments affect Ethan, his appetite and tastes may change. Please check the special instructions tab often for updates. Thank you for supporting Ethan and his parents! I know it means a lot to them!


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