Meal Train for

Dawn Webley-Nguyen

About this Meal Train

"Dawn Webley is a 39-year-old married mother of two boys, Nathan, 8, and Nolan, 5. She was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago. Despite having a double mastectomy, the cancer returned and the diagnosis is terminal. Just a few years ago, Webley was shuffling her busy boys off to the various sports they play, making dinner, picking up the Thomas the Tank toys her youngest so enjoys playing with, and planning for the future. The young family enjoyed hiking, family swims and skates, and she enjoyed watching her boys play hockey. Summer camping trips to Sherkston Shores became an annual event that everyone looked forward to. Now, she’s outfitting treasure chests with toys and words of hope and positivity for her young boys to open in a future she may not get to see, and getting the puppy they always promised their boys, just so she can get to see them enjoy Buddy and know that they are happy. Still, she remains positive and brave in the face of the unthinkable." Taken from Written by: Julie Slack


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