Sandwiches for Ve'ahavta

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DROP OFF LOCATION: 4100 Chesswood Drive, rear door DROP OFF TIMES: Sunday 10am – 12pm, Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm, Saturday 2pm – 5pm MEAL TRAINS: This page is to sign up to make Sandwiches. The links to our other Meal Trains – Baked Goods and Salads - can be found at VOLUNTEER HOURS: Please ensure you complete as much of your school's volunteer form as you are able, and then email it to for confirmation. Each shift is marked as 3 hours of time. Charitable Number BN 88804 2439 RR0001 Throughout the pandemic, the Mobile Jewish Response to Homelessness (MJRH) outreach van has been serving individuals who are experiencing homelessness. The MJRH van provides food, clothing, and resources to the most vulnerable members of society. You can give back by signing up to make food for us to distribute on the MJRH van, to ensure our vulnerable neighbours are able to continue to eat. Before signing up for a shift, please ensure you read all the “General Instructions”, which you can find located above the calendar on the right-hand side of the page. There is important information here that you MUST read. PLEASE NOTE that each shift specifies what type of sandwiches you should make, along with the amount and drop-off time. We have TWO types of shifts, PB&J or Protein + Topping, and it is important you read the general instructions to ensure you are providing the right type of sandwiches. Please note that we require between 80-100 sandwiches per shift to meet our current needs. PLEASE READ ALL GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS BELOW BEFORE SIGNING UP FOR A SHIFT.

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