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Allergies or Restrictions

Please ensure any major allergens are written on the outside of the bag so that we are able to inform our clients of what we are providing.

Food For

80 Adults

Drop-Off Time

Monday-Friday: 10am-4pm // Sunday: 10am-12pm // Saturday: 3-6pm

Special Instructions

IMPORTANT! MUST READ! Before you begin cooking, please read our sanitation guidelines to ensure food safety practices are being followed: Each shift specifies the type and number of sandwiches you should provide. Generally it is between 80-100 sandwiches. We have TWO types of shifts, either PB&J or Protein + Topping. Idea of quantities required: 11 Loaves of bread make approximately 100 sandwiches 2 x 2KG jar of peanut butter makes approximately 80 sandwiches (2oz per sandwich) 1 x 2KG jar of jam makes approximately 80 sandwiches (1oz per sandwich) Please ensure you sign up for the CORRECT shift type: - PB&J shifts should have peanut butter (or wow butter or any alternatives) and jam sandwiches ONLY - Protein + topping shifts should NOT have PB&J sandwiches, but instead have hearty sandwiches made with a protein (such as but not limited to: egg salad, deli meat, tuna, etc.) AND a topping (such as lettuce, tomatoes, veggies, cheese, etc.). Please refrain from making cheese+lettuce combination sandwiches as this is not well-received by our clients. Sandwiches should then be packaged individually in ziploc bags. Please do not wrap in plastic wrap. The ziplocs should then be placed in a larger bag (grocery bag, brown paper, please note you will not get this bag back) which should be CLEARLY labelled with: the contents (including any allergens), your name, and the date the items were prepared. If you are making sandwiches for a single shift with a group, please ensure you make only one type of sandwich to ensure outreach workers are able to tell clients what offering are available. Please deliver your sandwiches on the day you signed up, at the time specified on the meal train. When you arrive you can ring the doorbell and the staff will tell you what to do next. To sign up: scroll down on the main page to see our calendar. Any dates in GREEN are available to be signed up for. If there are no green dates, please check back regularly as we have cancellations throughout the month, and post new dates at the beginning of every month. Note – you may need to click “+2 more” to see all available shifts on any given day. You can also view the calendar in “list mode” which may make it easier to see available shifts. If you are unable to deliver your sandwiches on the day you signed up for and it is within 48 hours of your shift, please email or call 416-964-5572. We would appreciate if you would fill out our volunteer application form, so that we have your most up to date contact information in case we have any need to contact you last minute. You can find that form here:

Meal Drop-Off Location

Toronto, Ontario

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