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The Hibicki Family

The Hibicki Family

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On the evening of June 22nd, Matthew Hibicki got his arm caught in a PTO shaft while unloading oatlage. He was rushed to UW Hospital in Madison, where they were unable to save his hand and amputated it midway up his forearm. He has other fractures in his upper arm/shoulder and will require other surgeries before he can come home. Matthew is the loving father of seven wonderful children, and with his wife, Becky, they own and operate a small dairy farm. Becky works for Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation and Matthew is also a rural mail carrier. They have the biggest hearts and will be in need of meals for a while during Matthew's healing and rehab so that Becky and the kids can focus on the farm. PLEASE CLICK ON THE INSTRUCTIONS BUTTON BELOW TO READ ABOUT DELIVERY PROCEDURE SO WE CAN KEEP THE FAMILY SAFE! Matthew had two surgeries on his upper arm to deal with fractures on 6/24, they both went well. There is talk of him coming home as early as 6/25 if they can figure out how to manage his pain, so that's exciting! The farm is being managed by an amazing crew of neighbors along with their oldest child. The children are being cared for by two wonderful families until they can all be reunited at home. This space will be updated with other needs or wants as the family articulates them as time goes on.

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