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My friend Dawn's husband, Tim, went in last Tuesday (2/25) for a “simple” procedure in his esophagus/stomach to help with acid reflux and to fix a hiatal hernia. After the procedure, the doctor said everything went great. Tuesday night/Wednesday, his white blood count was high and he was in a lot of pain (not from the incision but everywhere else). An x-ray and CT scan found nothing. He was put on antibiotics and pain medication but he continued to have severe pain and began to retain fluid. He tested negative for the flu and the pain continued. He was unable to sleep or find a comfortable position. He was very short of breath and his O2 levels continued to decline. Despite his issues, he was released from the hospital on Friday. He spent Friday and Saturday in pain, gasping for air, and continued to retain more and more fluid. By Sunday, he was out of pain meds and couldn’t take it anymore. He went into the ER and they were immediately concerned with his breathing. He was put on O2 and then a bipap machine to force air into his lungs. An X-ray and CT were ordered to check for leak/infection. At this point he had gained 15+ lbs of fluid. They were then told, he needed to go back into the OR to figure out what was going on and that it couldn’t be done in EC. Tim was intubated and sedated and airlifted to Marshfield. He’s been intubated/sedated since. Tim and his family were not aware of the extent or severity of his situation. Tim and Dawn both thought they would be chatting later that night. It was found that Tim had a leak from the surgery which caused a massive infection. His stomach is full of extra air. He is being kept sedated and in a paralyzed state and had chest tubes put in to start draining fluid. Yesterday (3/2), the GI doctor went in and put in a stent to fix the leak. The cardiothoracic surgeon went in and flushed out/cleaned out his chest cavity and removed a lot of infection. And put in another set of chest tubes and NG tube. From what the family understands, everything went as well as could be expected and because he is otherwise young and healthy, there’s a good chance he’ll make a full recovery. But the challenge is keeping the infection away. They’ll keep him intubated and sedated until they have everything under control and can take the breathing tubes out. At this time, there is no guess as to the timeframe...it is just day to day. The good thing is that Tim fought hard to keep the infection at bay. Normally it could be fatal within 24 hours. He spent 5 days fighting. On top of it all, Dawn and Tim's kids have been sick, but are starting to feel better. Dawn has been going back and forth between home and Marshfield, trying to be there for Tim and still hold down fort for her kids. I'm hoping a meal train will help to take just one thing off her plate so she can concentrate on bringing home a healthy hubby and help to take care of meals at home for both her and the kids while she needs to be away!

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