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Nicole Krizka & Family

Nicole Krizka & Family

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Nicole was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. On September 27th, she will be undergoing surgery then will have several weeks of radiation, and then another surgery for reconstruction. During this time, we are hoping to provide some meals for her family so she can focus on getting better and her recovery. If you know Nicole, you know she is the one that is always giving to others. Being on the receiving end is not a position she is used to being in. But after all the coaching, volunteering, chaperoning, running kids to and from their practices and games and is the time for her to focus on herself and let the rest of us provide her and her family some support. Nicole never imagined this would be her battle. But she is very strong and has a positive attitude and is confident she will get through this. Your support through this meal train and your prayers are greatly appreciated! If you have any questions about helping Nicole you can contact Tricia Seibert at 708-539-7277 via text or e-mail


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