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So this October, as I finally identified a GYN in network with my teacher Insurance, I was encouraged by the new doctor to get my mammogram done. I am 47 and had one at 40 and hated it! I cried, it hurt and was so humiliating. In my mind it was one of the worst physical exams I had ever endured. But my new encouraged new to do it, as she reminded me it was Breast Cancer Awareness month, she also explained how I just needed to cross the hallway to get it done. So I did it, it felt much better than the first time. I was happy to be done with it. Then I got the “ call back”. Not thinking twice I returned to the specialist, he said I needed biopsies and contrast ultrasound mammogram. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I have no Lumos bumps or symptoms. Then the truth came back, I have Invasive Breast Cancer!!! As most of you know, I have 12 living siblings and my parents are still with us. No one has had any cancer history, now I do. I’m still in shock! So first things first, I have to remove the breast and then have the lymph node biopsy, dec 2. This is a tough time for the kids and I and I need some help with making sure the kids get fed during my recovery and the house gets cleaned. I appreciate all the help and love you all!

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