Meal Train Plus for

St. Isidore's Hands

St. Timothy's meal train participants

Posted 01/14/2018 by Laura WItherspoon

Just a reminder that this coming Wednesday is our week. We still need 2 people to make a side dish. Sign up if you are so inclined.

Change in number of meal recipients

Posted 01/14/2018 by Laura WItherspoon

I have changed the total number of meals from 20 to 17 as we have had one family drop out (because things are better!) and one death. I have divided each week up into 8 meals and 9 meals to reflect the change.

St. Timothy's participants

Posted 12/17/2017 by Laura WItherspoon

For all the St. Tim's chefs - this coming Wednesday is our week for meal delivery. I am bringing honey baked ham and mac and cheese. Anne Johnson is signed up for one dessert. We need people to make another dessert and 2 side dishes - maybe a simple green vegetable. I hope everyone has a peaceful week and I will see you Wednesday!

for St. Timothy's chefs

Posted 09/21/2017 by Laura WItherspoon

A reminder that next Wednesday the 27th of September is our week for meal delivery. Please sign up if you can. Thanks, Laura

Update on our numbers

Posted 09/21/2017 by Laura WItherspoon

As you may already be aware, we are up to 20 people on our list. I have adjusted Meal Train to reflect that. We have added an extra person at Taylor's house.

This coming Wed is St. Timothy's week

Posted 08/27/2017 by Laura WItherspoon

Just a reminder to the St. Timothy's folks that this coming Wednesday, August 30th is OUR MEAL DELIVERY DAY. We still need someone to sign up to make side dishes. Sign up if you can. Thanks, Laura

St. Timothy's participants

Posted 07/30/2017 by Laura WItherspoon

To St. Timothy's volunteers: This coming Wednesday August 2nd is our meal delivery week. We still need 2 side dishes and one dessert so sign up on meal train if you are able. Thanks, Laura

St. Timothy's meal train participants

Posted 06/22/2017 by Laura WItherspoon

Just a reminder to the St. Tims folks that our next meal delivery is on July 5th. Sign up if you want to bring something. I will be out of the country until July 3rd but will check email periodically.

change in number of meals

Posted 05/29/2017 by Laura WItherspoon

Due to someone returning home after an illness, we are now up to 19 people. I have changed the schedule starting the first week in June. Thanks for all you do! Laura

St Timothy's day

Posted 03/08/2017 by Laura WItherspoon

For St Timothy's participants: Our meal delivery day is next Wednesday March 15th. Imogene has signed up for one of the main dishes but all other slots are open!

Increase in number of meals from 17 to 18

Posted 11/17/2016 by Laura WItherspoon

Just wanted to let everyone know that we have added an additional person at an additional house. There are now 18 meals per week on Meal Train. Alison or SMSS will communicate the new name and address before November 30th. Thanks, Laura

St. Timothy's Bake Sale on Saturday

Posted 11/16/2016 by Laura WItherspoon

Just wanted to let you all know that our church is having a bake sale this Saturday the 19th at 9:00 at FSG Bank near the traffic light. This our big fund raiser for the meal ministry. We will have baked goods, sweets, and side dishes for Thanksgiving - let us help with your holiday baking! Hope you can stop by on Saturday.


Posted 10/27/2016 by Laura WItherspoon

SORRY! I lost track of the time and didn't have the schedule in Meal Train for November - all fixed now. We are back up to 17 people total again. Contact me with any questions. Laura

Meal Train for the coming weeks

Posted 10/26/2016 by Deseret Ward

Hi- I am getting ready to send out an email to get individuals to sign up for November but the dates have not yet been set up for November. I am assuming we have next Wednesday. How would you like for me to proceed? Thanks- Deseret

This week is St. Timothy's week for meal delivery

Posted 10/24/2016 by Laura WItherspoon

Just a reminder to the St. Tims folks that THIS IS OUR WEEK. I will take care of the main dish if a couple of you can make a side dish and dessert. Just go on Meal Train and sign up. Thanks, Laura

St Timothy's participants only

Posted 09/23/2016 by Laura WItherspoon

Just a reminder that our week is upcoming this Wed Sept 28th. There are still some slots open for side dishes and a main dish. Sign up if you can. Laura

Next weeks meal

Posted 06/02/2016 by Laura WItherspoon

Just a reminder to St Timothy's that we are up again for next wed June 8th for meal delivery- go ahead and sign up if you can

St. Timothy's this Wed

Posted 05/09/2016 by Laura WItherspoon

For St Tims members this Wednesday is our week for meal delivery-sign up if you are able Laura

Big changes coming to our meal ministry

Posted 03/31/2016 by Laura WItherspoon

Starting NEXT WEDNESDAY APRIL 6, 2016 we will be going to an every fourth week rotation for meal preparation and delivery. As you are aware, Signal Mountain Baptist Church has been delivering meals to 3 people every week and St. Timothy's has been delivering to 15. We are very fortunate and happy to have the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Wayside Presbyterian Church join in this ministry. The four churches will be in a 4 week rotation and will deliver a meal to all 18 people in 6 households. Meal Train will still be the mechanism for signing up for meal preparation for the St. Timothy's folks, and any of the other churches who wish to use it may do so. The site has been adjusted to reflect 18 people and I have divided the meal prep into smaller segments of 8 and 10 people as you will see. Each week also has listed which church is preparing/delivering the meal for that week. The Baptist church starts off next week the 6th of April. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Laura Witherspoon

This week

Posted 03/13/2016 by Laura WItherspoon

So far, we only have someone signed up For dessert this week. We are in the process of integrating two other churches into our schedule - Latter Day Saints and Wayside Presbyterian and they will begin delivering with us as well as doing some of the cooking. When they get up and running, we will go to a 4 week rotation with them as well as the Baptist church and deliver to all 18 meal recipients. That means we will be cooking every fourth week. For now, we are still cooking every week. If you want to help but don't feel like cooking, we do have a number of frozen meals in the freezer that can be heated up.

meal this week

Posted 01/18/2016 by Laura WItherspoon

We still need a side dish for 15 people for this wednesday. Just sign up on meal train if you are able. Thanks, Laura

This week's meal

Posted 12/29/2015 by Laura WItherspoon

I am making ham and bean soup for the main course this week with leftover ham from last week. We have PLENTY of bread. Is someone interested in making another side dish?

Thanksgiving dinner

Posted 11/02/2015 by Laura WItherspoon

As you can see, i have altered meal train for the Wed before Thanksgiving. We have been making essentially a double meal so there are plenty of leftovers. There is a lot to make so i would encourage you to call someone you know from the church and invite them to help you with what you sign up for. Margaret Smith has volunteered to cook the turkey and Jody has signed up for pie - if you sign up for something where there is overlap, please check with the other person so you don't end up with the same thing. Please email me or call my cell with questions 802-0453. If you don't want to cook but want to contribute in some other way to Thanksgiving, get in touch with me. Laura

meals for this week and next

Posted 10/26/2015 by Ginny Galphin

Greetings, We could use some help providing main courses and sides for this Wednesday and the next few weeks for St. Isidore's. If you can help, please sign up! If you need to drop off something early, please let me know and I'll heat it up before delivery. Thanks, Ginny Galphin

St. Isidore September Opportunities

Posted 09/06/2015 by Ginny Galphin

Greetings, Thank you for all you do to provide meals and visits to our families. Throughout the summer, along with a hot meal, we were able to provide fresh vegetables from our garden as well as frozen meals to our families. We have many opportunities in September to help with the meals. Please sign up if you can! Also, please invite others to join us in nourishing bodies and souls! Thank you, Ginny Galphin

St Is garden harvest

Posted 06/15/2015 by Ginny Galphin

Our garden is flourishing! Produce will be left in the kitchen - counter or fridge - for our group that prepares food. Also, please help yourself to the lettuce and spinach as it is getting hot and will become bitter. Thanks for all you do!