Vince and Vincie Licata

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Thank you for volunteering to bring a meal to the Licata family! The meal is feeding only Vince and Vincie, 2 people, with food for just one meal. Vincie can no longer use utensils to eat, so foods like pizza, burritos, sandwiches- anything he can hold and eat- would be much appreciated. Vince likes all fresh fruit. They do like bagged salad kits, especially Caesar and a kale mix. They also like dinner rolls. They like desserts and they like chocolate! Finger food desserts are easiest to eat but all desserts are appreciated. Please deliver the meal between 4PM-5PM. If you need to deliver the meal at a different time, you can text Vince at (530) 320-8557. If you have other questions about the meal train, or you need to change a date that you signed up for, you can call or text me at (530) 401-8486. Thank you! Chrissy Agee

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