Zachary Reinstatler

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Zachary is a non-traditional, queer, trans, multiply disabled, and low-income student at the University of Cincinnati. We are asking for our community to rally together to support Zach over the next few months as they embark on a new academically and physically demanding opportunity to participate in a competitive summer research program. Starting June 1st, they will join the NIDA Summer Research Internship program and will be conducting research with Dr. Justin Yates at Northern Kentucky University to examine the contribution of neurotransmitters in risky choice and economic demand for cocaine. Currently working on their bachelor's in psychology and substance use counseling, their long-term goal is to earn their PhD in clinical or counseling psychology, become a psychologist, and return to Cincinnati to serve the currently underserved trans community clinically, while serving the wider trans population in psychological and clinical research. From now until June 1st, we are asking for any and all support with meals to help build Zachary's strength as they prepare for this exciting opportunity. For more information, please visit:

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