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On March 5th 2021 Candice will be starting 18 weeks of chemotherapy/immunotherapy at Tufts in Boston, followed by an additional 34 weeks of immunotherapy after a surgery to kick this vicious cancer's butt and a final surgery after year completion. Cancer treatment is a full-time job, so we've organized this Meal Train so that anyone who wants to help with meals, groceries, and rides to Boston for treatment can volunteer and be organized in one place. Every little bit that we can take off of Candice's plate is appreciated beyond words. Candice understands that her dietary needs are pretty specific and may not be easy for everyone to accommodate. When in doubt about a meal or ingredient, message her and ask! We've also included a list of Candice's pantry staples for anyone who wants to just pick up a few things and drop them off without cooking, and supermarket gift cards and monetary donations are always welcome. For privacy, Candice's home address has been omitted from the main page. Anyone dropping off meals has the option to bring them to her home in Sutton OR to meet Jay in Everett where he works. Once you have signed up for a meal or child care, please either message Candice on Facebook or send her an email, and she will give you the address. Thank you for respecting their need for privacy and keeping the crazies away! PLEASE CLICK ON THE YELLOW BUTTON 'REVIEW ALL INSTRUCTIONS' FOR MORE DIETARY SPECIFIC INFORMATION


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