Meal Train® for Heather Wentler & Chris Meyer

Meal Train® for Heather Wentler & Chris Meyer


Heather Wentler & Chris Meyer


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Allergies or Restrictions

1) LOW FODMAP 2) gluten-free 3) lactose-free 4) lots of protein If you are not familiar with LOW FODMAP food restrictions, here are a couple good resources: and Laima and Sarah Kolbe are happy to help you navigate Low Fodmap cooking, too.

Food For

2 Adults

Drop-Off Time

before 630pm

Special Instructions

Keep portion sizes small or easy to split up. Please deliver meals in packaging that is disposable or recyclable. Please do not expect Heather or Chris to return dishes to you. Please make sure that any food you deliver is cooked/prepared and ready to be reheated if needed. Please cook all rice, pasta, etc. before delivery. Please include your recipe along with your food deliver (if you're purchasing prepared food or take out, please make sure to include a list of ingredients). If you are unable to deliver a meal, gift cards to local grocery stores and restaurants at which take-out food is readily available are also appreciated. Favorites include Willy Street Co-op, Whole Foods, EatStreet, Monsoon Siam, Hong Kong Cafe, Bloom Bakery and other similar places. DELIVERY: If you have access to sector, there is a box in the sector kitchen's fridge with a large label on it for storing Heather and Chris' meals. If you do not have access to sector, please call or text Laima at 608.335.8324 (or email her at to coordinate a non-sector drop-off.

Meal Drop-Off Location

Madison, WI

Gift Cards

Provide support with a gift card to DoorDash, Panera, Chili's, Visa, and more.

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