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As time marches on, memories are savored, and hopefully some smiles are found, it's time to revisit Team Banton and check in on how we can support the Banton Boys. Travis is as hard-working and generous as they come, and he's the most dedicated and compassionate dad for his 3 amazing boys. They're all working hard at finding their new normal, and have found some things that truly make life a bit more manageable for now. At the top of the list is continued HOUSEKEEPING SERVICES to create a sense of balance and comfort for them at home. You'd all stepped up and funded this for the family through now, but that reserve is tapped out and it's time to replenish this incredible gift for them. Their wonderful housekeeper comes weekly, and she shared that the cost is generally $80 per cleaning (for planning purposes), and she's going above and beyond to help with some additional chores so Travis can focus on what's more important right now. She's a great gift to them! Second, Travis and the boys created their own "summer bucket list" of sorts as they face another first - navigating one of Erin's favorite times of the year spent with her boys. They're determined to find the fun in each day and honor dear Erin while working on healing a bit each day. Also, while Travis is working, family will be helping with the boys and they would love to take them on some favorite outings. Here are some ideas they came up with, and it would be amazing if Team Banton could pitch in to make some of this happen via gift cards or funds to keep lifting them up and spreading the love back to them as Erin did for each of us. * Bowling (they ADORE bowling and are tapping into the Kids Bowl Free summer program, but there's extra costs for shoe rental, additional games, and other fun at Incredible Mo's and Lucky Jack's) * Pirate's Cove adventures (putt putt, bumper boats, etc) * Great Wolf Lodge family fun * Elmbrook Golf outings with the boys * Coin Slot arcade downtown (what boy doesn't love a trip to the arcade?!?) * Grand Rapids road trips (they're looking forward to visiting John Ball Zoo, the Grand Rapids Children's Museum, Craig's Cruisers, and Sky Zone) * Meal gift cards are always welcome, but they're still set on prepared meals for now * And of course they're planning lots of beach and water time (Erin's fave!), never to miss a BBQ, and to eat tons of s'mores! Travis also has an amazing idea to take the boys to Chicago at the end of the summer and retrace some of the steps he and Erin took the older boys on a couple years ago. They had a BLAST and he's excited to share the special time with all 3 boys, especially taking Griffin to LEGO Land! Last time they rode the train from Michigan City. What an adventure! Truly, Travis is the most appreciative and humbled guy who is showing us all the meaning of grace, just as Erin did. Our love and support means the world to the Banton Boys and he's shared that it's what is keeping them moving forward each day. Team Banton forever! Thank you for any and all gestures to help lift them up, make the day a bit easier, and allow them the family time they need and deserve as we all love and miss Erin together. Please consider giving at (directly to Travis). Gift cards/checks can be sent directly to Travis at 1234 Farmington Dr, Traverse City, MI 49696. If Venmo is a preferred option, please email me at and I can pass along an account then get the funds directly to Travis. We've got some work to do, Team Banton. Let's fund their weekly housekeeping through the summer to take that weight off, and then sprinkle some summer fun on top of it too! Thank you all!

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