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Kimberly Baker-Siedleckza Family

About this Meal Train

Hello Everyone. I'm sure most of you know that our dear friend Kimmy was in a motorcycle accident August 14th. She was at LA County Hospital for 18 days and was transferred to Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center, September 1st. She sustained many serious injuries including a broken pelvis, tailbone, ankle, several chipped vertebrae, & road rash. Through it all, Kimmy has been so determined to recover and get back home to her awesome kids. She has slowly started to get out of bed and take small steps with a walker. With challenging daily physical therapy & rehab, she should be home by the end of next week, but it will still be a long road ahead before she feels herself again! Please help out this amazing family with a homemade meal or delivery from our local restaurants....all starting this Monday! Here are some favs - California Chicken, Blue Daisy, Rosti, R&D, Burger Lounge, Pit Fire Pizza If you'd like another option, a gift card from LA BITE (taken over by GRUB HUB) would be welcome too. This is a food delivery service from your favorite local restaurants - (877) 564-4192 or You can buy it online, email it to Kimberly, and then they can order! Also, a "go fund me" account has also been started to help alleviate some of the financial burden. Please give if you can...every dollar is so appreciated! Go to - search- Help a Sister Out may have to go through a few pages before you see Kimmy's page! Thanks so very much everyone...this all means so much to Kim & her family! ps - i know I've already spoken to many of you...thank you for forwarding this to your circle of friends. I seem to have a lot of phone numbers instead of email addresses so I will attached the link below for those folks too

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