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Kristin is undergoing brain surgery to remove a 4 cm grade 2 Glioma on February 22nd in her right parietal lobe. We are looking to help organize and help the family with meals for dinner and food that can be taken to lunch the next day for the kids school. PLEASE DO NOT use Grubhub/DoorDash/Ubereats/instacart options. Unfortunately, there is no delivery services for food in her small town, so delivery is at McKinney Christian Academy after school during carpoool, at Rheas Mill Baptist Church on Sunday service - or gift cards can be delivered to MCA as well so that families picking up the children can pick up dinner on the way home. Please text Debra Robinson at (469) 307-9280 to let her know you are dropping off food or gift cards. More than anything, we need your prayers. Not just for healing and a successful surgery. God is SO good and we are confident He has a master plan to use this to build out His Kingdom and we are requesting prayer to use this cancer/tumor for His Good and His Glory to build out the road to Heaven for others. Please set aside February 22nd to use as a day of prayer as we go into surgery that morning and pray without ceasing for God's hands in the surgical room and for all of those involved. Please pray for peace over Silas and Elysha that day and strength and peace for Richard.


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