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Bruce Clifton Family

Bruce Clifton Family

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As many of you know Bruce Clifton (father of Austin, Gavin and Zach) has been hospitalized and in the ICU. His blood sugars are crazy and he appears to have been diagnosed with Diabetes but is still in bad shape as the Doctors have been unable to control his blood sugars. Bruce is a very proud guy and a HUGE Trojan Fan but he is going to be out of work for quite a while and some extensive medical bills will be piling up. The doctors have told the family it will be a long road ahead of them. Bruce never has known a stranger, is always willing to lend a hand, and is the biggest Trojan fan we know. Now it is our turn to help him! In true Trojan fashion, we ask you to consider helping the family. Ways to give: -Gofundme Account: -Sign up for the Meal Train: -Ameren Gift Cards: -Walmart Gift Cards -Gas Cards For questions or to deliver a donation call: Jill Applebee: 519-3137 Amy Campbell:  412-1923 Josh Jostes:  972-2460


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