Meal Train for

Edith and Family

About this Meal Train

This meal train is to help supply food for Edith Espinal and her family while Edith is in Sanctuary. Edith's family often eats dinner with her, so please plan on making enough for five people in the evening. They eat a wide variety of healthy food. SPECIAL NOTES: 1. Please label containers with Edith's name. 2. Please give simple preparation instructions. 3. Please list ingredients. 4. If you can please consider including something Edith might have for breakfast like fruit or a bagel or muffin. 5. First Unitarian Universalist Church is coordinating delivery of these meals. IF YOU ARE MAKING A MEAL, PLEASE DROP OFF BY 1:00 pm at the First Unitarian Universalist Church at 93 West Weisheimer Rd, Columbus (off of High Street, near Crimson Cup Coffee Shop). NOTE: If you prefer to drop off the meal the evening before, the door at First UU is usually open until 8:30 pm. 6. Occasionally, a class meets in the room outside of the kitchen. If the doors leading to the kitchen are closed, please follow the posted signs to the back passageway to the kitchen. DIRECTIONS TO FIRST UU: Turn left from Weisheimer into the church parking lot. There will be a bank of doors entering the main church. The far right door is open from 9:00 am through the evening. The kitchen is straight down the hallway on the right. There will be a designated shelf for Edith's food in the refrigerator. If you have questions or if you can't get into the building, please call Ginnie Vogts at 614-580-7005.


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