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FSSF Outreach Teams

FSSF Outreach Teams

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To truly get to know someone, you need to talk to them where they feel the most comfortable, that's why the FSSF Outreach Team goes out every night to find people in the places they stay on the streets. Bringing survival gear and food is our first line of defense to ensure the safety of our friends experiencing homelessness. A simple question like, "are you hungry?" can start a conversation and allow our volunteers to make important connections and build trust. You can help us start these conversations by preparing food for our team to take out on nightly outreach?! It’s really simple! 1. Prepare about 4-6 dozen individually wrapped sandwiches depending on weather conditions. Many of our friends love sandwiches with meat, however making several PB&J sandwiches for our vegetarian friends is always appreciated. 2. Add items to make a meal if you are able. (see note in special instructions) 3. Meet an FSSF Outreach team member @ First United Methodist Church (Parking Lot) @ 203 Wisconsin Ave. You will receive an email with contact information for the night's team leader to coordinate drop off (usually 5:00-6:00pm*). Please contact us early if you want to arrange an alternate pick up time or place. *Drop off times may vary per team. 4. All donations are tax deductible. Please email your mailing address to outreach@friendsofthestatestreetfamily if you would like us to provide you with one. You will receive a message the week before your meal train donation to connect with the team leader. Thank you, FSSF Outreach Teams 😊 Meal Train can make a great group volunteer project. Prepare sack meals with any of the following items: • Sandwiches • Grab n goes (chips, jerkey, power bars, pudding, crackers etc) • Hard boiled eggs • Fruit • Candy • Water/juice box (please leave on the side, do not add to paper bags) *A special note or decorated bag is always a nice touch to let our friends know the community cares!

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