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The Vanderhoof Family

The Vanderhoof Family

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Olivia is not only an outgoing, kind, beautiful second grader at Meadowbrook but a brave and strong little girl. This week she was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and will be starting chemotherapy on Thursday. She will be in the hospital for 7 treatments and there a week at a time. Unfortunately, Olivia will not be in school in between treatments because her white counts will be reduced making her prone for infection. Olivia's father was previously diagnosed with Leukemia and has been cancer-free just over 2 years so Olivia has her own personal superhero in her dad. Right now treatment will take around 5 months and it will be a hard road to recovery. This type of cancer is treatable and curable but Olivia and her family could use the support and positivity of her Meadowbrook and Hillsdale community.

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