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Ollie has really had his fair share of illness for one very little boy. As we rolled up to the 6th floor of the Children's Hospital in Peoria my heart was so heavy this time. He should be at home with his sisters, playing at the park and going to school with his friends. Ollie has had GI issues since he was a baby but this time has really taken him out. He's lost a lot of weight and has very low energy. He hasn't been able to eat food and digest it properly for a few months now. Things got harder for him this week when he started vomiting and began having severe abdominal pain. We are doing our best to juggle our two very little girls with this one sweet boy! Ruby and Nadya have been staying in Bloomington with friends or at their daycare Little Jewels while Lynden and I take turns staying with Oliver at the hospital. We have a really hard time asking for help. We are so very grateful for our literal village that has insisted on pitching in for US. Thank you for your prayers, your kindness and the love you have shown our family!

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