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Jordan Millar

About this Meal Train

As many of you know Jordan was diagnosed with metastatic colon cancer on March 17. The following week she underwent extensive surgery to get the tumour removed as well as a few surrounding lymph nodes. After four nights in the hospital Jordan was discharged to begin her recovery at home. Jordan has a long road ahead of her with chemotherapy coming up, followed by another surgery (liver resection) to remove the lesions on her liver. As you all know, Jordan has been through so much over the past few years with her son’s own battle with cancer. She thought she had put cancer behind her, and now she has been blindsided by this. Jordan needs support now and in the upcoming months from her friends and family. What she needs most is meals dropped off for her and her family. Jordan loves to cook healthy meals for her family, but right now as she recovers, she cannot do this. I know during this Covid -19 crisis it makes things a little more tricky to provide the help we want to. People are off work, and money may be tight. If this is something you could help with we would all appreciate the love and support during this difficult time. Thank you all so much for the love, prayers, and positive thoughts you are all showing my sister! Much love, Devon

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