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During these difficult times we’re all facing together, there are many courageous superheroes working to put an end to the madness. No they do not wear capes — they wear scrubs. Doctors, nurses and all of our hospital workers are putting their lives on the line each and every day fighting this world pandemic. They need our help. While Caliente Pizza & Draft House can’t provide them with masks, medicine, oxygen or ventilators, we can provide the food to keep them energized. So if you’re in the same boat as us and can’t help in these ways, consider donating money towards the meals we’re providing at a discounted price. For every $10 we raise, we’ll deliver a pizza to a local ER room. By supporting our brave heroes working tirelessly at Pittsburgh hospitals, you are also helping our co-workers at Caliente Pizza & Draft House support their families and pay their bills. Many restaurants are hurting right now. Meal Train will double your donation. Thank you to all the brave warriors at the hospitals and to you, our Caliente Pizza family members, for donating to this worthy cause. Thank You Nick and Angie Bogacz The Owners of Caliente Pizza & Draft House

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