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Kari Wegg Family

Kari Wegg Family

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Hello everyone! For 5 months Kari, a NICU Nurse at St Vincent Women’s Hospital in Indianapolis and Rodney, a Respiratory Therapist at IU Health North Hospital, Carmel wondered if and when they would get COVID-19. Kari, a wife, mother, sister, friend was admitted to the hospital July 19th with COVID-19. Her husband and two sons were quarantined with positive results but never experienced symptoms. This healthy, fun loving woman is in the fight of her life. After 7 weeks in St Vincent ICU she was transferred to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago on Sep 5th. Where she is still on a Ventilator, ECMO, fought off Sepsis, woke up enough to follow commands and testing for a bi-lateral lung transplant. Now the family is anxiously waiting for the news that she is listed for transplant and receives her new lungs soon. She has a long road ahead as this fight is a big one, but those of you that know Kari, know she is a fighter. We all want to do whatever we can to rally behind her, lift her up and wrap her, Rodney and the boys with love during this incredibly hard time. This has been a difficult time for the boys, not being able to see their mom, and now dad traveling back and forth to Chicago. Every meal is one less thing Rodney and his family needs to worry about during Kari’s lengthy recovery. Thank you to all that have reached out and lent a helping hand. But it is not over, continuing meals for the boys and DoorDash for Rodney while in Chicago are very much appreciated. They have been overwhelmed by all your prayers, support, generosity and the boys have some new favorite foods. Thank you all for coming together to take care of each other when one of us needs it. Donations are also being accepted on GoFundMe. Updates are posted on Facebook at “Kari Will Prevail-Our God Will Not Fail” Please keep Kari and her family in your prayers in the days ahead. We know firsthand that God’s love shines the brightest during the darkest of times! Thank you all so much for wanting to help and participate. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have.


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