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Please help support the brave and caring Caledonia Senior Living and Memory Care team that are putting aside their own concerns to continue to provide loving care for residents during this crisis. While our team members all receive a complimentary meal every shift as part of their employee benefits we know it would brighten their day and help them feel everyone's support to enjoy lunch, dinner or a treat from local restaurants. All food needs to be from restaurants or prepackaged from grocery stores and delivered via no-contact delivery. As an extra precaution we ask that all meals are hot meals - no cold sandwiches etc. We ask that all meal donations filter through Meal Train at this time so that we can make sure all departments are appreciated including those working hard behind the scenes. Meals will be distributed by our leadership team to both The MacLean House and The Scottish Home. For daytime meals please plan on feeding 26-30 employees and for night time about 12-15. If providing an entire is beyond your means please consider donating a gift card and we will combined cards internally to provide meals. Thanks so much for your support cheering our team on!

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