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Safe Harbor Shelter Clients (displaced to a hotel)

Safe Harbor Shelter Clients (displaced to a hotel)

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Our shelters are set up as community living environments and are not structured for current social distancing and quarantining recommendations. Therefore, we had to temporarily move our shelter residents into hotel stays. As we have begun to gradually reopen with social distancing guidelines in place, we are unable to accept clients at our former capacity. For the foreseeable future we will be operating with clients both in our shelters and in hotels. While our operations are disrupted in this way, we are continuing to provide 24/7 staff availability on-site of the hotel, mobile advocacy and case management, and access to all basic essential needs (food, toiletries, baby/children’s supplies, etc.). We need help with providing supper to the clients in the form of restaurant deliveries. If you would like to contribute by ordering a meal or donating toward the Meal Train fund, we would be so grateful. A meal for all shelter/hotel residents should cost about $200 a night. Thank you!


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