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About this Meal Train Plus

PLEASE ADD YOUR CELL PHONE NUMBER TO MEAL DESCRIPTION IN CASE WE NEED TO CONTACT YOU WITH ANY CHANGES. THANK YOU. BEDS Plus is presently providing 900 individual meals a week to at risk clients/families we have housed in motels and over 100 families and individuals who are housed and experiencing food insecurity. We couldn’t continue to support these vulnerable individuals at this time without the help of individuals and businesses in the community providing meals on a daily basis. Here are ways that you can continue to help us provide these services: MEALS OR PURCHASED SHELF STABLE MEALS FOR 72 TO BE DELIVERED TO BEDS AT RISK CLIENTS BUT BROKEN DOWN INTO 40 or 35 per sign up. Each signup only responsible for 40 or 35 meals. DELIVERED TO OASH OFFICES AT 9601 OGDEN LA GRANGE BEFORE 11am EACH DAY. MEALS PREPARED FOR 40 (or 35 option) Individually packed and delivered to our offices. There are individual meal containers for pickup in the vestibule at 9601 Ogden, LaGrange (Entrance off of East Avenue). Please deliver meals off by 10:3Oam . These can be dinner type meals or lunch type meals . Examples: wraps, tacos, BBQ chicken, spaghetti meatballs, chicken sandwiches, stew, Italian beef, chili, chicken strips, hot dogs, burgers with fries. (Purchasing 40 McDonalds cheeseburgers, McChicken or other value meal items and fries is another good example) Lunch meals example: sandwich, chips, fruit and beverage. OR 40 SHELF STABLE MEALS These donations can include purchase and delivery of shelf stable meals (NOTHING THAT WOULD NEED TO BE REFRIGERATED OR FROZEN). Here are the suggested items : HORMEL COMPLEATS MEALS $1.98 at Walmart with a protein (chicken/beef) Instant Mac and Cheese in bowls White Chicken and or Tuna flavored in pouches ( Tuna creations/chicken Creations) Chef Boyardee pasta in microwaveable bowls Fruit cups Small bottled drinks/water/juice soda Breakfast Bars Individual chips and cereal All items available via our website on our AMAZON wish list. ( may need to cut and past link) GIFT CARD PURCHASES Purchase gift cards that can be used to purchase groceries or meals. Example: Jewel gift cards, Dollar General Gift Cards, Jimmy Johns gift cards, Subway gift cards, McDonalds, White Castle, Taco Bell, gift cards or a gift card to a local favorite restaurant to help support local businesses and to cover meals to be delivered to above locations BEDS COVID-19 UPDATE JUNE 17. 2020 Thank you for your continued support of BEDS clients. After 4 months of isolation and shelter lockdown BEDS is moving our vulnerable clients into a new phase along state and CDC guidelines. We have moved clients into housing , motels and we are continuing to protect and support them during this time. Our shelters clients have now moved into motel settings with the support of BEDS-Plus. We will continue to support them with case management and supplement with a minimum of one meal a day. This has increased our meal needs from 40 families and individuals to 70. Therefore we are adding the opportunity to volunteer and donate an additional meal team and/or shelf stable meals per day in addition to our regular meal teams. For more information contact Sue Dever at or 708-261-7078. Here is a link to our website and how BEDS is responding to the Covid-19 crisis:

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