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Devon Welchert Family

Devon Welchert Family

About this Meal Train

On November 11th Devon Welchert was admitted to children's hospital for endocarditis, an infection in his heart on his aortic valve. Endocarditis is a very serious illness and can be life threatening especially for a child born with a heart defect. Devon was born with aortic stenosis which is a narrowing of his aortic valve. He could be in the hospital for 6 weeks, and likely will continue antibiotics after he leaves the hospital. Sara(Mom) will be traveling between home and the hospital with her two other children, Aaron and Lexi, and will likely be spending most of her time at the hospital. She is blessed with parents who are able to help with a lot, but they will be busy helping with the other kids and going back and forth to and hospital too. Please consider taking a dinner off of their hands for the next few weeks, or consider donating to their go fund me page. Donations of gift cards for restaurants are also very helpful also as they may need to grab dinner on the go some nights. Please help support our Fort Calhoun friends, every little bit helps!

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