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The Hunt Family thanks you!

Posted May 23, 2019 by Carolynn Hunt

Hello to all of you that so kindly offered your genuine condolences and gracious donations, tributes and memories of our son Tom. Tommy, TK, Tom Tom. Hunt. He had many nicknames amongst his peers and within his family, though the one that I hold so close to my heart , is my Tommy. It has been a tremendous few weeks since Tommy’s accident. No parent should no such pain and heartache. No friend should know the loss of such a friend. He was so many things to this life here in Oak Park and River Forest. Tributes are still coming each day and so many of you Out there are offering help and guidance in any way. The community has risen to stand up for our family and it brings me to tears to see how many friends are out there aching for us. My sincere and deepest thank you for the meals; every single one has been a delicious indulgence after a day of sadness. The donations have helped with the funeral costs so we may assemble the most beautiful tribute to Tommy, and the words of sympathy have carried me to a better place since May 4 and will continue to keep me moving forward however crazy hard it’s been and will be. I don’t know the appropriate etiquette that comes with this; but I needed to all let you know we are so thankful to have you all rise up for our family and our Tommy. Love and a hug to all of you, Carolynn, Phil, Amanda, Evelyn and Lily Hunt