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What a wonderful way to show your love to our High School Ministry teens and leaders: the gift of FOOD! The purpose of this meal is to give our students and leaders a fun, warm, family atmosphere in which to share a meal and fellowship with one another. We are asking you to prepare or arrange a meal for our Sunday evening High School Youth Ministry. Since the ministry has grown, feel free to partner with someone to provide the weekly meal. MealTrain only allows ONE person to sign up per week, so please list both people's names when you sign up for a meal. Please include your cell phone#. ARRIVAL: Please arrive in time to prep and serve your meal at 5:45pm. LOCATION: Plan on serving (or setting out for self serve) your main dish from the window in the kitchen/cafe area. Plates/bowls should be stacked here also. I suggest using the table next to the cafe opening for condiments, napkins, utensils, toppings etc. This will keep the main serving window from getting congested and keep traffic flow moving. Youth leaders will put the water out for you. CLEANUP: Please stay until after the meal, around 6pm. Students, parents and leaders will help clear the tables. Please wipe down the tables. Wash/dry/put away CCC dishes that might have been used and wrap up or toss leftovers. Use your best judgment. Food may be taken home, left for the CCC staff, or given to the students to take home. Leaders are quite helpful in facilitating the best way to execute this or offer suggestions. Leaders and students average 75 to 80 attendees each week. Dinner time: 5:45pm Feel free to provide one of their "favorites" or something you think they would enjoy. Click on "read more" in SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS for menu ideas. If you have any questions please contact Jadie Fuson.

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