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Meal Train Plus for

The Smith Family

The Smith Family

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As some of you have seen, Friday night, Cory was driving on Union and witnessed a car swerve across 4 lanes and crash into the side of a townhome. He quickly pulled over, dragged the driver out of the car, realizing he had crashed directly into a gas line. He had his friend Chad who was driving with him called 911 and then they both began banging on all the townhome doors trying to get people out of the units in case the gas line and the smoking car caused an explosion. Thankfully the fire department, utility company, and police showed up and were able to get people even further away from the complex while they secured everything to prevent an explosion. The end unit that the car crashed into was an acquaintance of Cory and I. Shequan and her 5 children are now unable to stay in their home because of the damage to the wall, as well as the utilities having to be completely turned off and repaired, which could take weeks. The city has given them a hotel room to stay in, however, they are without any way to fix meals and were clearly not prepared to spend money on eating out or the expenses of being displaced from their home for weeks. On top of all of that, Shequan tested positive for Covid and is quarantining with her children through this horrible situation. Cory and I wanted to organize this meal train/donation to help her and the kids. If you're able to help in any way, it would be greatly appreciated and will really help them through a tough time. ***Edit, we increased the fundraiser after finding out her housing is only covered until this coming Tuesday***


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