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I'm including Jordan's story, in her own words, below. It's not Jordan's nature to ask for help, she prefers to be the helper, but in this time of need so many of us want to do something to help. This is a way to do so. If you are in Lynchburg and able to prepare a meal for Jordan, that would be wonderful, if you are out of town and would like to purchase a gift card, that option is available through this site as well. I listed "2" as the number of people for the meal to feed as typically Ryan will be with Jordan, or she can save leftovers for lunch the next day. There will be opportunity to do additional things for Jordan, such as errands or grocery trips which will be added as needed, so please keep checking back! Jordan's email address is for those doing gift cards :-). On September 29th 2022, I was diagnosed with cancer. My diagnosis is Stage 3, II (B) Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Today was the first day of what will be approx. 6 months of chemotherapy treatment. So many dominos have fallen down as a result of this news, but SO MANY MORE blessings and ways the Lord has appeared have also shown up- far more than I can count. If you want to hear all the God stories, I will happily share over a phone call! It has proven itself 15x over how MUCH the Lord desires to show us how truly He loves His precious children through other people. It's been beautifully overwhelming for both myself and Ryan! The silver lining to a lot of negative changes is that multiple doctors have confirmed a very confident treatment route, this is "good" cancer to have if you are going to have one, and there is a 95% recovery rate. I will be (and already have) been keeping a blog/website of all updates, pictures, information and ways to support during this marathon journey. The Blog/Website is THE BEST way going forward to stay updated and see the story firsthand. PLEASE copy the link below and SUBSCRIBE with your best email at the bottom if you would like to view blog post updates or get more information. *Or you can also text or direct message me on FB your email and I can add you too. WEBSITE: 1st Treatment Blog Post:


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