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The Wood Family

About this Meal Train Plus

We have organized this "Meal Train" to provide assistance to the Wood family during this challenging time. So many people care about them and want to provide support and this is just the tool to do that. Matt’s Story My wife Kacy and I met in junior high school in Lincoln, NE. We were best friends for a couple years then became an official “couple”in the tenth grade. We were high school sweethearts,in the truest definition of the term. In the twelfth grade, after my awkward proposal, we were engaged to be married. The wedding would occur during my sophomore year of engineering school at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. About ten months later, Kacy gave birth to the first of our five children. Now, as we just passed our 21st wedding anniversary here in the Kansas City metropolitan area, Whitney (20),Claire (16), Jackson (15), Alex (11), and Kate (7) have faced the possibility of losing their earthly father to Grade IV brain cancer. Diagnosis of glioblastoma multiform came at the age of 39, on January 12, 2013 after two months of daily headaches and sinus pressure became unbearable. Two days later,they removed 95% of the 5.1 x 3.4 cm tumor from my right temporal lobe(extending slightly into the frontal lobe and thalamus). Though it was a life altering diagnosis, I was determined to beat the odds and within three weeks of surgery returned to my job as a mechanical engineer and project manager. Treatment protocol included standard of care radiation and Temozolomide for six weeks followed by two years of monthly Temozolomide and the DC-VAX-L clinical trial. Disease progression became evident in the spring of 2015. A smaller tumor and the balance of the lower front quarter of the right temporal lobe were proactively removed July 1, 2015. From the amount of tissue loss at that point,I did not return to work. Due to the disease progression, the DC-VAX trial was unblinded and I was determined to be on placebo so was allowed to cross over and begin receiving the actual product. Also at that time, I returned to daily low dose Temozolomide. By September 2015,the small area previously noted in the right side of the thalamus began showing growth. It was inoperable, so I returned for additional radiation treatment and replaced the Temozolomide with both Avastin and Lomustine (CCNU) chemo therapies. I’ve been a Christian for the majority of my adult life. Through this battle with GBM, there has been hundreds, actually probably thousands of people praying for me and my family. Prayers that we be blessed,that our faith be strengthened, that we have peace and patience and endurance;all these prayers were answered. Also, there were prayers for healing, which leads to the latest chapter of my story. In December of 2015 on a Monday, my wife and I had a very frank faith discussion about healing. I asked her if she believed that God could heal me. We agreed emphatically YES and that the mystery of faith is in the unknowns...If He would choose to? When? How? Etc. We then prayed, as we had many times before, for healing; though somehow it seemed different. I told God several times in prayer that I was ready for the healing even if it came with great pain (car crash, gun shot, just rip it out Lord, I’m ready!!) That Tuesday I had a huge headache all daylong which reminded me of the one I had for two weeks leading up to the diagnosis. At the end of that day while sleeping, I couldn't shake the thought that the headache was a sign I was being healed. I told Kacy about it that night and we prayed again. So then Wednesday morning my 15 year old son and I board a 6AM flight to TX. On Thursday morning I had an MRI in Houston.During the MRI I felt confident enough it would be good news that I prayed for the MRI to very clearly show not only the accurate state of the disease but also that it clearly showed that the MRI was done properly so the doctors wouldn't think the MRI was incorrect. After the MRI I asked Jackson the same faith question as Kacy and he said yes he believed God can heal my disease. We sat with doctors later that day and were shown the amazing news that the enhancing mass in the right thalamus was gone!! Back to Kansas City and after four months, the last two MRIs are the same. So we thank God for another answered prayer and we continue to pray that the medical information continues to support what we believe in our hearts to be true!! Yes I've had lots of medicine and radiation in this time frame but we believe that God is showing us His healing power and the importance of prayer and intentional worship in our lives.

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