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Astoria Health and Rehabilitation

About this Meal Train Plus

We are grateful to be in a community that cares about their neighbors and, in times like these, for those who work on the health care front lines. We have had many individuals express an interest in honoring the HEROES that serve the elderly in our nursing home. We have been able to create an opportunity for you to do just that! Please see below the list of our local restaurants who are offering discounts and specials for you to be able to provide a meal to our HEROES. If you are unable to provide a meal for the all of the HEROES, you can still help through a monetary donation to the Meal Train. The meals will be provided to our healthcare HEROES. These are the individuals who stand on the front line, willing to serve, knowing they’re putting their own self at risk to care for the members in our community. They are committed, hard workers with a compassionate heart taking care of those most vulnerable. If you wish to thank them, please donate. If you can’t give, consider sending a Thank You card and praying for the staff’s safety. If you have any questions, and would like to learn more, feel free to call 863-318-5000 and ask for Amy Hodges. Thank you Winter Haven!

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