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Opportunity to serve those in need in our community. SUNDAY HOT BREAKFAST: 30 guests Breakfast is served starting at 0900 with a service starting at 1000 Food : 30 guests Milk: 1 gallon Juice: 1 gallon Coffee: provided Chaffing pans with sternos are available and ready for use. NIGHTLY DINNERS: (currently serving for 20, including volunteers) We encourage the volunteers to stay, serve and eat with the guests, to get to know them. Dinner should arrive by 1700 to start serving and guests leave in The Mission Van at 1800 to go to the Kessler Center for the night. Beverages: Please bring ice to go with your beverages and to keep salads or things cold. Chaffing pans with sternos available and ready for use. Plug ins available for electric appliances. Grill is on site if you want to arrive early to prepare grilled dinner items Another option is to make casseroles that can be frozen for one of us to make at a later date that no one has signed up for. CONTINENTAL BREAKFASTS: 20 For overnight guests For convenience, bags can be dropped of any night at the Sheriff Miedinski property from 1700-1800. Nonperishable food placed in individual bags (ie ziplock) to be handed out to the overnight guests. JUST A FEW SUGGESTIONS: INDIVIDUAL CEREAL WITH NON-REFRIGERATED MILK PRE-PACKAGED MUFFINS, ROLLS, COOKIES, SANDWICH CRACKERS INDIVIDUAL PEANUT BUTTER TUNA / CHICKEN SALAD KITS FRUIT CUPS BOTTLED WATER APPLE SAUCE RAISINS FRUIT SNACKS TRAIL MIX JUICE VIENNA SAUSAGES SLIM JIM (OR SIMILAR) NON-REFRIGERATED PUDDINGS NON-REFRIGERATED JELLO SUGGESTED DONATIONS THAT ARE USED NIGHTLY: NAPKINS PAPER PLATES PLASTIC WARE PAPER CUPS STERNO FUEL CANS GLOVES This is a great opportunity to help serve in the community, and kids can get service hours if they need them. You can make donations or gift cards towards the meals by reaching out via email to Look forward to seeing you! Thank you in advance for volunteering your time.

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