The Espinosa-Cruz Family

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With the recent passing of Filiberto (Fili) Espinosa-Cruz, we are arranging meals for and (socially distant) visits with the family if you're able. For many of us, the gift of Fili's presence was multiplied with that of his younger brother, Adolfo, and parents, Cleofas and Filiberto. In 2018, this beautiful family grew with the addition of Isaac, the youngest of the three brothers. This loving family has been gracious and welcomed us to share in their grief and to join in the celebration of Fili's life. Now, they have extended that grace by allowing us to share meals and visits. Their extended family have expressed their gratitude for this expression of love as many of them had to return to their homes outside of North Carolina. If you are able, please share a meal with the Espinosa-Cruz family by signing up here.

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