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Updated Post: Monday, September 23, 2019, Michael passed away at 11:51am. While he took his last breaths, I got to lay next to him, hold him tight, and cry while we listened to Etta James' "At Last" (the song he picked for our first dance at our wedding 14 years ago). We also listened to some of Weezer's "Say it Ain't So." We worked with the Gift of Life Organization so Michael's 38 year old organs can help save the lives of others. I am unsure when we will have a service to celebrate his life - right now I am thinking I will wait a few weeks or months. The depth of my sadness is reaching well beyond anything I have ever experienced before. For over 20 years, Michael and I have been partners in everything we've done. We grew up together, with our love starting at only age 17. I don't know what it is like to not have him by my side, supporting me, making me laugh, and loving me every day. I am scared to raise our beautiful children without his help and without him here to pass on all of his amazing qualities as a person. I will love him always and miss him constantly. The generosity of everyone in our lives is wonderful, and I am comforted by all of the love. Thank you for the monetary donations and providing us with meals. Both will be extraordinarily helpful since I will probably need to take some time off of work to heal myself and to be there for our children. Thank you all so, so much. With love, Alison Original Post: Family and Friends, On Friday night, September 13, 2019, my husband Michael was in a bad car crash. He is in the ICU at St Luke's Bethlehem with brain injuries. He has been unconscious since the accident. His brain is swelling and the pressure was too high, so on Sunday, September 15, they did surgery to remove a part of his skull and allow more room for the brain to swell. The doctors say we have to wait, watch him, and see if/when he wakes up to determine the severity of his brain damage. The doctors keep saying this is just the beginning of a marathon, not a sprint. If Michael wakes up it will still be weeks/months of healing. I am feeling so sad and broken right now - it is very difficult to talk to people. At the same time, I feel very lucky to have so much support. Ella, Owen, and Jack have been happily spending time with their grandparents while I go back and forth to the hospital. So many family members and friends have offered so much help, support, and love. We all appreciate it. This meal train will be incredibly helpful and offer some relief during the upcoming weeks/months. Thank you all endlessly for your love. Love, Alison and Family

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